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RMTTC Play Day 2017

The Rocky Mountain Tibetan Terrier Club holds an annual “Play Day” each summer when members and their dogs have a get together followed by a picnic style lunch.. Once again the event was held on Saturday, June10th in Loveland, Colorado at the home of Sandy and Dallas Benton. The dogs are free to roam without leashes in a very large fenced in field. They can also have fun licking on a large doggie “popsicle’ made with their favorite ingredients, while their owners watch comfortably under the shade of a large tree. Although the area was experiencing an unusual heat wave, the Gods were kind and the weather turned out to be very comfortable. After putting their dogs up in crates in an adjacent large “garage”, the RMTT members and guests were treated to a fried chicken lunch supplemented by the many appetizing side dishes which they had brought. After lunch there was a raffle of dog related items contributed by the members, the proceeds of which are used for funding rescue assistance. A short business meeting followed. Those in attendance included: Elise Kind with “Emily”, Joe and Nancy Suarez with “Hazel”, Pat Linehan with “Deiki”, Noelle Brownson with “Pico & Daisy”, Natalie Tishowski with “Po”, Peter Springberg with “Sydney”, Alane Franklin and Deb Hawkins with “Pheeny”, Claire Coppola with “Jhana”, Judie Bevacqua with “Daisy”, Sandy & Dallas Benton with “Razzi, Randi & Maggie and Caddi & William”, Ann Stack with “Clyde”, Marcia & Sterling Babcock with “Tisha & Lita”, Debbie Lasher with “Pirate & Cassidy”, Donna & John Holloway, the Rusin family, Marika Ujari, and Bob & Carole Kreis. A good time was had by all.

Play Day 2017 Photos

Johnny Cash & June

Johnny Cash & June with their new family

Johnny Cash & June

RMTT Holiday Party 2015

The annual party was held at the home of Grant and Lourie Gibson on December 6, 2015.  In attendance were:  Grant & Lourie Gibson, Debbie & Lew Lasher, Carole Kreis, Kate & Neil Scherrer, Ann Stack, Janie Rosette, Emily & Steve Goodwin, Christy Fleskes, Elise Kind, Sandy & Dallas Benton, Pat Linehan, Jean Wagner, Marty & Anne Tomasko and Suan Van Hecke.

RMTT Holiday Party 2015 Photos



Miss Ellie at Home

Miss Ellie RMTTC Adopted

Ollie at Home

Ollie RMTTC Adopted




January, 2015

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July-September, 2014

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April, 2014

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