Oh What a Morning!

What a morning!

The morning started out with a cup of strong coffee, a walk with my dog, then a cursory trip around the garden. Tashi loves to sit on the sunny flagstone patio, so I usually leave the screen door open so he will be able to come in when he had Tashi. I have noticed the rabbit right away, in the early morning shadow of my fence next to my neighbor. I said to my dog “Look Tashi, stupid rabbit!” He learned the expression in the ten years we lived here. This area is inundated with rabbits and squirrels (stupid and otherwise). When he finally noticed it, a wild chase ensued. Up, down and around the fence line they ran breathlessly. “Stupid rabbit” – let’s call him SR for simplicity sake – couldn’t remember how he got in, so he was panic-stricken and desperate. Then there was no more rabbit to be seen in the garden. Hark! He found a way out. Not so fast. Moments later I could hear scratches and things falling down inside the house. Oh no – it didn’t! Did it?!? It did! SR was in the guest bedroom tearing up the place with Tashi in pursuit. I quickly closed the door and all of sudden there was quiet, except the heavy breathing of my dog. I looked under both twin beds, but the only thing I could see was an up-lifted floor register. Good grief, did it go down into the heating ducts? I turned on the whole house fan, and sure enough he was out of there in no time.

Now the war really began. I closed every door in the house except door to this room and the screen door, and let Tashi go to work. After most of the stuff, paintings, knick-knacks, pillows were knocked down by the panicked, unwanted visitor – it was running up the walls – he made it out and ran down the stairs to the basement. Bad decision! Tashi this time earned his keep. He grabbed SR by the throat and gently walked it up the stairs and out into the garden, where he deposited it at my feet. THANK YOU, TASHI!

He picked it up one more time for good measure, then dropped it, so I could pick it up by his hind legs. SR was still breathing, so I gently flinged him over the gate into the Open Space. I don’t like to kill anything, I even carry Daddy long-legs carefully outside. After five minutes elapsed, I checked on the rabbit and found him gone. Good riddance SR, I hope you never come back!

It took Tashi and I an hour to catch our breath and slow our heartbeats.

My Hero!

Marika Ujvari

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