“Ollie” Loves his Dental Flossing

Ollie is so loved (and spoiled) and he continues to pay it forward.Here he is before our nightly dental flossing (and brushing). I’m not kidding! You must think we are crazy, but it beats going under anesthesia for a dental cleaning and is making a difference in his teeth and breath.After dinner he will sit by the cabinet where the floss resides and wait until I pull it out of the drawer. He’ll sit up and “beg” until I floss him, then brush his teeth. Gee, maybe it’s just the dental chewie that awaits him after the routine. What a guy! After our yearly vet visit and carting home a toothbrush and paste, I thought I’d just experiment with minty floss. He immediately embraced the idea and now it’s nightly bonding time for us.

Karen and Ed Morrissey


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