Submit Your TT Tales

This page, to be edited by Sandy Benton, will be devoted to telling interesting tales about your TT’s.  Here is Sandy’s explanation of what we are looking for:  When you are out with your TTs, most of you have been stopped at one time or another with the question “What kind of dog is that?”.  Some of those folks then call a breeder or rescue to see about obtaining one of those really cute, well-mannered creatures. I have found myself trying to explain TT temperament more often of late so thought I would put together an article, not only about their wonderful traits but also those that make them unsuitable for certain families. So… if you have a tale about something your TT has done that shows the mischievous, intelligent, independent thinking, problem solving side of their personalities, please email or call me so that I can include them. If you have pictures or videos of them caught red handed, I would love to have those as well. This will be put on this RMTTC website and available to potential puppy buyers and rescue adopters to help them make a more informed decision if a TT is right for their family.

For example, I had a litter sired by a known escape artist. When the puppies were tall enough to reach the latch on their run, they began to let themselves out. I thought I would prevent this by raising the latch out of reach. Two puppies stood on their hind legs and in tandem proceeded to push the plastic crate over to the gate where one climbed on top and was able to reach and open the latch. I caught all of this from the kitchen window. I sure wish I had it on video!

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