Marika & Tashi’s Tale

When I was on Nantucket last year I spent most of my time walking the beaches. One day I met an elderly gentleman walking with the cutest dog. I walked up to him and asked “Is that a Tibetan Terrier?” – He answered “Why, yes! How did you know?  “Because I have one also in Colorado”, I answered. And that took care of the rest of the afternoon. We merrily chatted the time away and shared many dog tales.

TashiI also got Tashi after I saw a Japanese couple walking with their beautiful black TT in the Boulder McGuckin hardware store. I followed them and inquired about the breed. After they told me, I could hardly wait to get home and Google the TTCA website asking them for an address. Within two days I had a source in South Carolina for a two year old, laid back male dog with photos attached. We made a deal and I handed in my resignation at the company I worked for 11 years. As you probably guessed, I never looked back. I also wrote an essay,  My doggone reason to retire-  Marika Ujvari



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