Nancy & Bodhi’s Tale



My new “baby” Bodhi is 14 weeks old today! He is a little rascal, of course.  He adores TaiTai my 9 year old Tibetan and follows her everywhere. She is amazingly tolerant of him chewing and pulling her ears and tail and even allows him to wrestle her to the ground where they roll around and then get up and play chase. TaiTai lets him eat her food and even steal her treats. I have placed their crates side by side and when crated Bodhi calms down rather quickly when TaiTai is in her create beside him. What a girl! Just yesterday I caught Bodhi eating his pee paper.  Now that he knows he is not to do that, today he unrolled the toilet paper, out the bathroom, through the hall, and into the kitchen!     Nancy Andrews

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