Dan-Ba Goodwill Ambassador

In 1998 we were asked to have a Japanese student visit us for the Fourth of July weekend.  We picked her up at the train station and when we arrived home, Dan-Ba, our nine-year-old black Tibetan Terrier decided he would be in charge of charming and entertaining.  Keiko was a tiny, sweet girl with limited English skills; but to Dan-Ba language was no barrier.  Very quickly the two became inseparable.  If Keiko was on the sofa, Dan-Ba was snuggled up next to her.  If we were in the car, Dan-BWith Dan-Baa was in Keiko’s lap.  When we hiked, Keiko had Dan-Ba’s leash in her hand.  If we went to take a photograph, Keiko quickly pulled Dan-Ba close so he would be in the picture with her.   Dan-Ba has always been very dear to us and it was very special to see him charm and captivate this young lady from a foreign country.  But the most touching moment was yet to come.  The morning Keiko was leaving she said to us:  “Before I come to your house, I did not like dogs.  I would not touch them.  But now I like them.”

Dan-Ba – 1989-2006 – Loved and owned by Bob and Carole Kreis

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