All Breed Rescue and Training (ABRT), located in Colorado Springs, will now accept for placement Tibetan terriers which are unwanted, abandoned, neglected, lost, mistreated, or whose circumstances have changed, from individuals, animal shelters, humane societies and other persons and entities.  Due to Colorado Dept. of Agriculture PACA Regulations, the RMTTC no longer accepts TT’s for rescue  For information and assistance contact contact Sandy Benton (970-669-0181) email:

Fortunately for the breed, there are more people interested in adopting a Tibetan Terrier than there are Tibetan Terriers to be placed. ABRT tries very hard to match the “right” dog with the “right owner. Interested adoptees should fill out the application form available on the ABRT website. There are no “right” and “wrong” answers; the questions are merely a guide to help determine your priorities and to help  select the best new owners based on  information about the rescue dog’s background obtained from either the previous owners or those who have provided foster care.  Neither ABRT nor its individual volunteers shall have any liability or responsibility of any nature regarding defects of an adopted dog, or for injuries or damage to any person or property resulting from the behavior of any adopted dog.

Adoption assistance is also available through the Tibetan Terrier Club of America’s rescue program.  An adoption questionnaire is available at

Click on the tabs under this Rescue page  to learn about some past RMTT rescues and to see rescues available for adoption.  The Adopted Blog consists of the stories of Tibetan Terrier Rescues. and  successful adoptions brought about through the efforts of RMTT Rescue and the Available for Adoption blog lists TT Rescues available for adoption.

All Breed Rescue and Training, L.L.C.

Lauren Fox, Rescue Coordinator