History of the RMTTC

The Rocky Mountain Tibetan Terrier Cub had its genesis with the 1998 Tibetan Terrier Club of America National Specialty. In the interest of geographic diversity Colorado had been awarded the privilege of hosting the National Specialty for that year for the first time. There was no club, or even an organized group, but somehow or other the Tibetan Terrier breeders and owners in this area managed to get together to hold what turned out to be a very successful National Specialty at a hotel in Northglen, a suburb of Denver. We informally adopted the name Rocky Mountain Tibetan Terrier Club for the Specialty and had a local artist design a logo that is still in use to identify the Club.

After the Specialty the collegiality that had developed among the Tibetan Terrier owners led us to keep the group together as a de facto club. We maintained communications through a primitive newsletter and occasional meetings—at first at the Roaring Fork Kennel Club shows and then at other show sites in the region. The group continued to grow consisting of virtually all the breeders in the area along with a great many pet owners. Our newsletter became much more sophisticated and we continued to attract new members although there was no formal structure.

In 2004 we decided to formalize the Club by incorporating it under the not-for-profit laws of the State of Colorado. The decision was made to operate by committee and to have no officers or directors other than a Club Treasurer. This organizational structure continues to the present date with rotating committee members. We discussed qualifying as an AKC Regional Club, which would have involved holding sanctioned matches and a more formal organizational structure, but it was the unanimous decision not to take that step. We continued to maintain the Club as a social organization open to everyone who owns or has an interest in Tibetan Terriers. Over the years we have attracted large numbers of pet owners many who have enthusiastically assisted in the several National and Regional Specialties we have hosted. The 2014 TTCA National Specialty was held in Loveland, CO, and was the fourth National Specialty we have hosted which is more than any other regional group over the same period. The Club has also attracted as members breeders from outside the area who do not have any other regional Tibetan Terrier club available to join. At present we are the largest regional Tibetan Terrier club in terms of membership.

We now charge modest dues and our Newsletter under the editorship of Elise Kind continues to be highly professional. We also maintain a website and hold two formal meetings each year—one in the Summer with our dogs at Sandy and Dallas Benton’s property with a large fenced-in area, and the other at a member’s home during the Fall or Winter without dogs. Our breeder members assist those interested in locating a suitable Tibetan Terrier, as well as mentoring them when they acquire one. Through our website we receive more inquiries about Tibetan Terriers than any other organization other than the Tibetan Terrier Club of America itself. Under the leadership of Sandy Benton, and with the support of our members, the RMTTC established a rescue network for Tibetan Terriers that was second only to the Tibetan Terrier Club of America with which Sandy continues to work in close coordination. Due to Colorado licensing requirements rescue operations are no longer conducted by the Club but are handled by All Breed Rescue and Training, L.L.C. in Colorado Springs. The Club also holds various fundraisers for the benefit of Rescue as well as the Specialties that we have hosted and we make contributions to the TTCA Health and Welfare Foundation. We believe that the RMTTC serves a very useful purpose, both in our community and beyond, as a meeting ground for Tibetan Terrier breeders and pet owners with a common interest in our breed.